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Dolphin - Black Gold lyrics

I, I was Audi five thousand
I was Audi five thousand

Earth rumbling, deity humbling
U.F.O.'s are hovering, times are so troubling
Doctors started hustling, blood starts puddling
I'm shuttering, discovering, they just started shuttling

Humans to the surface of Mars
Cops searchin' our cars to confiscate notebooks, verses and bars
Aquaman lungs live in worlds like Atlantis
'Cause we destroyed the whole planet with ecological damage

Helicopters patrol, doctors chop up our souls
When we go off the Zoloft we outta control
Now we paranoid animals, a planet of apes
With nowhere to escape unless we launch into space

So I gathered all my old school Clue mixtapes
And started diggin' in the crates before we disintegrate
Demigodz, fuck bitches, get money, not much else
I'm Audi five thou' 'fore I pass it to Celph
(I was Audi five thou')

Bass drop!


When we go off the Zoloft we outta control
I, I was Audi five thousand

They said it was a murder attempt
'Cause when I punched him in the skull it left a permanent dent

Bass drop!


I, I was Audi five thousand

Cover: Dolphin - Black Gold
  • Black Gold / Snow Hill Massacre

  • Year
  • 2014

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2 lyrics with the source Demigodz - Audi 5000
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