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Arctic Moon feat. Noire Lee - Revolution lyrics

What have we done
These streets are filled with sadness
Life's just begun
But we're the only ones
Who can change it

Though compassion is scarce
Could we make our way there
'Cause we're screaming for air
We are the ones who care

Who care
We are the ones who care

We're on top of the world
But it's not enough
No it's not enough

We demand to be heard
We won't give up
No, we won't give up

Got nothing else to lose
We've got nothing else to lose

We want a revolution [4x]

I've been searchin' for something somewhere far away
Do we have anything left here
Time is runnin' out for this world that we're livin' in
And I don't wanna let it go to waste

Cover: Arctic Moon feat. Noire Lee - Revolution
  • Revolution

  • Year
  • 2014

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