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Unexist - Dream Of Death lyrics

Beware, prepare for the hardcore, hard, hardcore
Now what you want!

[..] static in the track

Yo, I'm from a hellhole where male role models, live in bottles
And a nigga's first love is a drug

Sit back and watch homie swallow dick

Bracelets is yapped, First Fam
Critically acclaimed criminals to blame
Put 'em in critical condition, fucking with Lil' Fame
Yeah [x11]
Take minks off! Take things off!
Take chains off! Take rings off!
Bracelets is yapped
Fame came off! [x3]
Now what you want!

My premonition is designed to remind me

Danze, hands, down
You need to know who you fucking with
Who you fucking you fucking with now

Agony isn't even a word or a concept, it's your only reality
You hallucinate [x3]
You dream of death

You live, you lose, you die

Now what you want!

Now what you want!

Get him [x4]
Hit him [x4]
Yap him, yap him
Zap him
I'm a street regulator, true player hater
Get back down make yo' ass a Mac sprayer hater
Danze, gave you a chance
If I catch you slipping I'm spitting and splitting ya brain
Fuck that
Fuck clips, fuck gats
Fuck beats, fuck rap
Fuck clips, fuck gats
Kill me
Danze, hands, down
You need to know who you fucking with
Who you fucking, you fucking with now

Raised and blazed
Catch one

Beware, prepare for the
We all fascinated by hardcore, hard, hardcore
Ya'll to fuck around [..]

Nobody change me
You can look at me strangely
Partially from the TV-series 'House M.D.' S08E19 'The C-Word'.
2 lyrics with the source DJ Honda feat. M.O.P - Gun Hold
2 lyrics with the source M.O.P. Ft. Journalist - Extended Family
1 State Of Emergency Our Remedy Hardcore/Gabber 2010
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