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Lenny Dee & Promo - Moment Of Silence lyrics

Hey, Dj Promo
Did you hear these guys talking loads of shit about us?
I did!
These motherfucker are so stupid
You know
They talk shit
And all they want is to, like, get a little attention
But, you know something?
We're not giving them any attention
You know why?
Because they can go fuck themselves
We hate them all anyway
That's right
We don't have to talk behind your back
We'll tell you straight in your face

You suck!
Your records suck!
Your music sucks!
That's right
Your label totally sucks!
Your distribution company can go to fucking hell
Your website looks like crap
Man, I have to tell you
You should get a job working at Mc Donalds or something
Because... because... YOU SUUUUCK!

And if you don't know, you know, who I'm speaking about
Well, I have a suggestion
Go into your bathroom
Look in the mirror
And theeeen.... What, what do you see?
That's right, you suck motherfucker!

I don't think they're ready, man
Are y'all ready or what?!
I'm not feeling the energy!
Are y'all ready or what?!
Come on, go, yo!

Step back or you'll go down

Hold it, now!

Come on, go, yo!
Hold it

Yo, fuck (...)
Moment of silence for the braindead
Moment of silence for the braindead!
See what I mean?
Moment of silence...! for the braindead!

Come on, go, yo!

Hey, yo, I'ma tell ya like this!

Check this out y'all

Come on, give it to me again

At five o'clock in the morning
Wait a minute, y'all
I talk about bass!

Moment of silence for the braindead
Do not let yourself be programmed
Hold it, now!

Come on, go, yo!

Come on, give it to me again

That's right
And if you smell anything stinking in here
That's me!
Cause I'm the shit!

Check that classic shit

Yeah, you motherfuckers
My record is so fucking clean
I'm dead serious, chief
You won't get no dust off the bitch

Cover: Lenny Dee & Promo - Moment Of Silence
  • Miss Flower - Moment Of Silence / Princess Of The Posse Vinyl

  • Year
  • 2005

  • Genre

  • Submitted

atomicoz 16 years, 3 months ago
Hmm, I listened to it and rewrote a lot of stuff.. Still lacking much stuff but better than before :o Thanks for telling :)
ZiAn 16 years, 3 months ago
C'mon man rewrite this lyrics because they suck.
it's because, because...you suck, then you have go into your BATHroom and not your bedroom , moment of silence for the brain DEAD not then and you left out a big part of the lyrics.
Thanks for the help!
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