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Promo - Eternally Dark (Hardshock 2014 Anthem) lyrics

No science, machines, underground
It runs through my veins
A thunderous stream, hearing the silence
Underground [2x]

You'll get the shock of your life

Throw your hands up in the air

How will your glory survive?

Deep in the dark, a silent scream starts distorting the mind
Those with their heads bowed to the darkness
Those who can't see for the glave of the light
Destination underground


Deep in the dark [3x]
Deep in the underground

We fight our insignificance
The harder we fight, the higher the wall

Destination underground

Onwards forever
Onwards forever, eternally dark


This is where silence runs its course
Destination underground
[..] just to follow your heart
Again, again with the like the rain and the ark
Onwards forever, eternally dark

Cover: Promo - Eternally Dark (Hardshock 2014 Anthem)
  • Eternally Dark (Hardshock 2014 Anthem)

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  • 2014

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#3 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

The lyrics are a mixture from different Anne Clark songs like: 'Red Sands', 'Contact', 'Weltschmerz', 'Sleeper In Metropolis', 'Self Destruct'.

Salva 10 years, 2 months ago
Thanks a lot, that one line will stay with [..]
DaHunger 10 years, 3 months ago
shouldn't "Over [3x]" be "Underground [2x]"?

"Eternally dark [3x]
Eternally underground"
"Deep in the dark [3x]
Deep in the underground"

Onwards [forever?]
Onwards [forever?], it's only dark"?

"[..] was trimmed just to follow your path"? (strimmed -> trimmed)

from Anne Clark - Self Destruct:
"Again and again like the rain and the ark
Onwards forever, eternally dark"

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