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High Rankin - The Rat lyrics

The idea is time
Living in the future
Look at those numbers running
Money makes time
It used to be the other way around
Clock time accelerated the rise of the capitalism
People stopped thinking about eternity and began to concentrate on hours
Measurable hours, man hours, using labor more efficiently
It's cyber-capital that creates the future
Because time is a corporate asset now

There's a poem I read in which a rat becomes the unit of currency
Yeah, that would impact the world economy
The name says everything
Dead rats
Yes, stockpiling of dead rats called global health menace

The rat [4x]

The present is harder to find
It is being sucked out of the world to make way for the future of uncontrolled markets and huge investment potential
The future becomes insistent
And this is why something will happen soon
Maybe today
To correct the acceleration of time and bring nature back to normal, more or less

Cover: High Rankin - The Rat
  • The Rat / Horrorcane

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  • 2013

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From the film Cosmopolis (2012).
Check out the script here.

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