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Shawny Boy - Diamond In The Rough lyrics

She is beautiful she rather be ugly
Pharmaceuticals so she can let her mind free
From the basis that she still remains in life
Pain goes through her brain when she contemplate the sight
Dirt is her bed at night, sleep with a rusty knife
Knowing this life ain't right you tell her different she might bite
And through all the flaws her beauty still attracts me
But she doesn't feel the same
Cause I'm the type that works for the mane
And she the type to rob him just for some change
They say opposites attract
And she the type to go to Newton and tell him he has gone insane
Potential of her changing is a chance I wanna take
But a person tryna change her is the ones she usually hate
And she say I'm not her type and to her life I can't relate
I guess you passing on a date

You see me I'm tryna get in her mind
These streets are dark she lose herself
This place is making her blind
Not tryna shoot you lines or accumulate waste of time
I know you know you fine and a one of a kind
But won't open your mind to it
And you go and try to blame your past life foolish
Yous a queen
You should get worshiped and get served on like in your dreams
And I know your thoughts are beautiful as the parts that are seen
But it has seems,
I don't relate to you
But take a look around
I'm the only one trying to
And thugs will ride too, but then they lie too
Then you caught up in situations so lets face it
She the type that all my friends
And fans wouldn't want me to date her
I can see our thoughts are intimate and one day getting greater
I write my place of living down on this piece of paper
I hope that I will see you later

A long day at work
Ends and I am stressing but only think of your worth
Sitting 'round thinking of words
Like dehydration conversation makes me go and linger of thirst
She is beautiful she rather be ugly
Pharmaceuticals so she can let her mind free
Open my front door this is what I see

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Sep 8, 2013

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