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Ektomorf - A.E.A. lyrics

A.E.A - We bring pure and new power
A.E.A - It's not fake, this is the fire

A.E.A - With this music in our blood
A.E.A - We will break down the walls

A.E.A - No black and no white
A.E.A - This is an united fight

A.E.A - It's on the ground and in the sky
A.E.A - Positive message for your mind

A.E.A - We don't need the wannabes (wannabies!)
A.E.A - We destroy the enemies


A.E.A - With faith in our heart, believe together
A.E.A - Ektomorf forever

This is our way they cannot take it away
This is our way you cannot take it away
This is our way no one can take it away

Cover: Ektomorf - A.E.A.
  • Destroy

  • Year
  • 2004

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