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Rome Fortune - Grind lyrics

On rough terrain I know what to gain
Know what to say, know when to duck
And know when to bang, kill the lights for a minute
Might I score before I finish? Predator on tenants
Hit the bed for the fun then the floor for the business

I'm doin it baby no jewelry it's just me and the lady
No you'll see when you callin' me famous
Now old hoes cussing me out all in Spanglish
I see everything I need but how I'm gonna get it
I might just take it make ya look like spending it

Ain't nothing cooler than waken up
Waken up to a network bigger than the day before
Half naked chick leg wrapped around you
You can't help but think. Why go back?

On better terrain I'm Mediterranean
Neon yeah niggers insane
But I love to climb and I love to grind
And with that combine that ass is mine
Plus the way I fuck and the way you suck

You can't decline yeah
Let me chill for a moment cause I know that you want me
But I need you to know this shit this will never be recited
Just open up invite me and we gone we gone I said
Look we do nothing but talk, I just want to take it further
So this is the plan, tonight we both stop running circles

I said I said
I feel you but I ain't no sucker
I appeal you
Nothing but hustlers bitches still true
Never no busters Never no busters
I see you fucking

Baby can you grind, grind [4x]
Cover: Rome Fortune - Grind
  • Grind

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Aug 1, 2013

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