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Bishop Nehru - Muffled/M.I.C lyrics

Welcome to this classic, masses how y'all been?
Been awhile since I styled, and wow'ed em with the pen
But again, my lines is sin hitting critical
Niggas minimal when they spittin' they writtens minuscule
My, pictures pivotal, rhymes hard like minerals and
Known for leavin cats hurting and bleeding like menstruals
Bishop what's getting into you? The lines got sharper
You must've been in class moving arms like an author
Nah, just been bothered, others far from mars
Cause yet they flaws they constants and they first to converse
With A&Rs but my bars with stars they bars is starved they bosses is off the yard
They far from caught, I beat em up 1,2,3
There goes the champ next to camp full of fake MCs
They basically awaiting me and vacancy no latency
But lately been making cheese

Look who's on the tracklist rolling, no reviver
Tryna get high, the cypher was my lighter
Rappers try to keep their head above water
I slaughter,any nigga rapping with my offer
I caught ya, slippin, now ya corpse is missing
My thoughts are glistened, there's never no remorse when spittin'
I'm awesome with it, torturing all the competition
The odds of dissing are lower than I thought
No kidding, it's awkward fitting, in with the crowd around ya
Things are bound to hound ya, ya mans will clown ya
Don't understand, they drown ya, I'mma stand it out
But you bout to go from stands to stans I doubt ya
Now I'm taking the game over too easy
They need me, others see me they get queasy
Believe me your flows are greasy, I'm getting greedy
I'm throwing all these rappers out can somebody feed me?
It's too easy, believe me

Cover: Bishop Nehru - Muffled/M.I.C
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  • 2013

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  • Jul 17, 2013

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