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Shad & Skratch Bastid - Bound 2 (Dub) lyrics

Celebration, getting pounds from the posy
Cliff found Claire and she down for the Cosby
No ice, she's still down top a Crosby
Bound no humping around Bobby
Hater they want the sound the mob d
But these are happy days sounding fuzzy
Hold up I'm not crowning a prom queen
And giving my name, throwing rice out Candy
As we walk out post tying that nod
This dreaded wetted life is a thought, thought she'd block me
Scared of though rappers, thought she might bad do me wrong
But baby you know you got me
That's just some stupid stuff dudes think
Half the time y'all probably wonder if dudes think
Put us all in a room and see how dudes think
It's worse in...even worse in how that room stink
She'll have you in that IKEA looking at news six
Honey is this too pink, cause I like too pink
Do you believe at this age I'm still learning?
Would you believe after so long I'm still hurting?
On the stage we make magic, but the real herb is just the real person

I know you're tired of loving
Loving when nobody will love
Nobody, nobody

Brothers like drama, word of Doug
Some brothers like drama, got their whole entourage in the up roar
I'm just trying to keep thing above board so Shorty can trust more
Peace I'm not a con or a drug lord
I'm not a Chuck Norris, your man not a family blots
Damn we fight cause love is war
It cuts deeper but it's no gloves worn
Got the fists, got a ring on it, it hurts much more
So they say, get trained to expect pain
At times it's less laying catch, more x games
So expect some bruised pride and some sweat stains
Lear how to accept pain and how to accept change
Instead of stressing till you burst out your neck veins
Look down the road, Imma show to the left lane
See the danger try to pass when the test came
I thought it'd be like some exam, it was an essay
That's right and wrong it's always wrong in that neck pain
Staying up all night fighting till next day
Watch the sun pass like not...like an X-ray
Vision all, I'm thinking this is all comes down to
Staying down to earth with some good turf down to
Cause you become like the people that surround you
Fear the ones we love and we love the ones we're bound to

I know you're tired of loving
Loving when nobody will love
Nobody, nobody
So just grab somebody
No leaving this party
Nobody will love
Nobody, nobody

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Jul 16, 2013

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