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Blitz The Ambassador - Dikembe lyrics

We're taking it back to the ball
The harder they ball, the harder they fall
So one of the Archies lost the battle
So I spend forces now you fall
African attire soon I come up in my pimp
Bogota, let me translate, you can't fuck with us
Shout out Kenan, shout of the shout, shout out the Necca
Shout out Balloogi your rappers sit in aqua
You coming against the future dude
With future I salute you
As I'm waving the future at you
No no no no no Dikembe!

Father forgive these sinners
They know not that they finished
We represent the realness
So y'all can keep the gimmicks
Check us a minute again it started
Now it's autopilot
West African flow
She forced to close your eyelids
And imagine a run non stop
Mount Rushmore
Dead presidents to run my tongue
Sharper than the guillotine
A bunch of stay slicing
Event guard your ears Mike Tyson
Spitting at these lames
Watch them touch down in Africa
Get snatched for the canes
You bought your bootlegs
Then return it to the store
I can't get you DVDs
Where's the player to the soldiers?
Meanwhile I'm in Morocco
Pin another classic for the masses
...get you glasses
So how of a clever
You plan an attack
You better react
We're spiting them back
We're waving them finger at you
No no no Dikembe!

I'm gonna have to call you name up
You all up in the game

Cover: Blitz The Ambassador - Dikembe
  • The Warm Up EP

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jul 16, 2013

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#1 Daily Hip Hop/Rap

"Inspired by one of the greatest shot blockers and defensive players to ever bless the NBA. Dikembe Mutombo."
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