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Cyssero - Rocky Roads lyrics

I was born in the ghetto in the projects
And just like that ghetto I, I tried my best
It’s been hard living

It’s been a long road and this road is rocky
Filled with real blocks man, still couldn’t stop me
Real shit, this a fact, where I’m from it’s two choices
Fight to the end of every round and kiss the mat
I’m trying living front, lame nigger give it back
What some would call eating, we consider just a snack
It’s been a long long road and I seen it all
On a highway of life should’ve seen it y’all
Life is see-saw, up and down like 9-5 traffic
Hoping not to see a detour
Coming up, life ain’t shown much, I wanna see more
All I seen was death, money, drugs, sex
Mama hurt felt like a hex stressed
Lost friends to the jail, fought like the next
Imma blow eventually, for years been on the bubble
I had to learn there is no success without struggle nigger

Started out walking, but now I’m running

Real nigger shit, started out walking
But now I’m running at top speed, on my own two like I’m supposed to
This is inspiration music that we wrote to
And get high, I just keep it real cause I know to
We all on the road of life, but we on different paths
From the school of heart, I never missed a class
Luckily they ain’t seen a bit for the shit I did
Mama kept me in a praise, kept the Bible by the bed
True, solemnly swear on the Bible, it’s been a rocky road
And I’ve been driving on cobble stones, now I’m in the fast lane
The road’s a little smoother, fly little nigger
Might just take a number 2 on ya
And after this Imma thank God for the pain
Cause without it I wouldn’t appreciate happiness
Know when Imma blow, for years been on a bubble
I had to learn these is no success without struggle

Started out walking, but now I’m running
Home, home, home, home

Struggle lead to success, struggle just don’t get struggle
Keep struggling and you’ll just get there

Cover: Cyssero - Rocky Roads
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  • Jul 12, 2013

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