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Cyssero - The Power lyrics

She with man or a coward
Every man in this land want the power, yeah
We on ..full of power
Got me do it all and get their hands on the power, huh

That bitch wanna f*ck me, don’t even know me (Power),
Got killers there to shoot you from me, (that’s power)
Every work and sell out to say nothing, (that’s power)
Get book and ball out to say nothing, (that’s power power power)
See … (that’s power)
The the the power, bitch
The the power

G I got some power, but I don’t pawl with trip,
Little taste to power only made me want a lot of it,
We all .. never count the .., everybody looking for the power and I found the shit,
Shout out to my nigga gain with the red power,
We’re just doing dirty clean, what a leg shower,
Yeah shower let rain on your top like a shower head
They power hungry and we power ..
Glocking on some more power, smoking shower crash,

Knock that regular, that louder ..
Bitch with me with a lot of ass, shake like an hour glass,
And she give me brain, our class,
Bitch Lewinsky get me president top,
Purple-.. and purple juice that’s my medicine ..
Like the ball from my wrist time is .. watch,
Boom till she watch till I got the .. got.


Uh, I’m bout to build the fortune, so I’m get winnin’
Get my money and keep spinnin’ like the will of fortune,
You won’t kill a better lilly fortune man
I’m the type to ask for mine, don’t get me to me
I’m a still a portion, y’all styled played it out like the tape player,
High price fashion and jewels that’s play paper,
I want my pay on time not a day later,
You a swear we cut down trees the way we make paper,
And they get more G’s, I’m a employer,
Hit my young and hit the work, they the employees,
Hustle hard ‘cause we need the dog,
Get the power it’s a couple nose, nose you need to know
No witnesses, no bitches, no paddle tuttle, no side-switching,
All loyalty, so what’s not good to try me,
It’s like my truck in the front, my own hood behind me.


Cover: Cyssero - The Power
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  • 2013

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  • Jul 12, 2013

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