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The Kid Daytona - Picasso Baby Freesyle lyrics

I'm heading back to France for the second time
Two years in a row feeling like the bran
Cause niggers is winning, feeling like they die
Michael Corleone calling shot like the mob
Headed to the top, to that other level
But I won't fall off like Acel Becel
You know you ill when greats do tell you
Next nigger let faith propel you
Show shall R rate porn and kiss
I'm the drug you can't get from a pharmacist
They...putting their armor sniff
Snowy nigger I know I'm the shit
Tell me nothing if it ain't discussing
If it ends then it ends
Homey show me your budget
Open the caber, paper baby
Ain't it crazy? Captain save a baby mama
Do the math, we weren't equal
Just playing the game with all the chicos
I know Pito, he got those D hour from the free throws
Ever since I was a sitter
I know what I was gonna be though
Up and O, seated at Richie table
With some models sipping ...
Bottles all around, niggers ain't paid for
They say...
Ow Jordy Quatros, ball like...
Flow abstract, hoe bag bag
That's to my shooter, Betty go cash that
At the museum, Louvre-ing all in my shoes
Jay bas she's splash, she's cashing in
All's for class to excellence
After the after party
It's the lobby then
I get lost on bitches like bobby pins
Out of style pity niggers
No time to argue with Coney chefs
I got other agendas
Soho house member, VIP couch attendee
Feeling like the new Basquait
With Madonna on my arms
Round up on the floors, I made it up the ..
Au revoir niggers
Going going back back to Paris
We win
Voulez-vous avec moi?
Ménage a troi bitch
Juice up!

Cover: The Kid Daytona - Picasso Baby Freesyle
  • Picasso Baby Freesyle

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jul 11, 2013

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#5 Daily Hip Hop/Rap

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