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Soulslicers feat. El Lay & Sparkingtin - Another Part Of History lyrics

Mr. Westside story
Shallow face music
Soulslicers, what up?

Knock knock, Imma get respect regardless
Either you respect me or respect these cultures
You niggers is pretense, they belong in a coffin
Smelling the weed, got me spacing the marshals
Fix the sea weeds, so to hell with caution
Now I dump to hell with bitches, get a hell of a...
You disrespect with niggers get a hell of a talking
You crazy if you saying I ain't one with the heartless
Let these pistol niggers sway in, get your stare
So chill with this, let these ghosts and these bodies
Laying all awkward so why these niggers exhausted
I give them a competition make a bitch nigger forfeit
Nigger that's the life when you dealing with bosses
Shit is getting vicious I'm in need of a...

Watch what you say cause what you say can get you straight
Money makes my day and all day I'm getting paid
Get for the guy in the union like DA
I've been mixing lauds with that super lemonades
Really at the normal, we extremes kinda paradox
Stick to the point if I have to argue back
I ain't gonna perform an OB to fucking...
Go ahead and die had a riddle like Onasa
Run with the devil, you was born unspecial
Far from educated, nothing in the mad school
Full of younger search, stay shit and never search
Smocked up again, I really really mental
I took it easy, I don't need another felony
Never intended to hold you with this intense
So be careful where you here don't step on me
Imma real M MC

La, Soulslicers
Another part of history
Get this

Cover: Soulslicers feat. El Lay & Sparkingtin - Another Part Of History
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  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Jul 11, 2013

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