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World's Fair - NGM lyrics

It was 20 pounds and sexy bitch
Working out, I'm flexing bitch
I'm the mind king, got the nine ring
Soon guarded my necklace bitch
This jungle can't hold me
OGs then totally
These streets don't hold me
I'm still riding around with my homies
And I'm too thug for this hipsters
Too hipster for this thug niggers
The black girls in Jimmy Choos
And the white girls who love niggers
Well I stay still at the police
Still hate my land lord
Still rock that town and that same old shit I stand for

Never gonna make it, never gonna make it, never [x8]

They say the life I work with
Hit a shit...
Hit a bitch trunk with the right leg...
I blame my light words on the circus
And I flex so you know what the tripping
Although I can see never working on my nigger
With those shitty curves
And though I never gonna make it
Never gonna get it
You me never it was bad a day
We had season you had your laces
That was pretty tasteless
A man in Georgia with his mother
He forever wasted

Never gonna make it, never gonna make it, never [x8]

It's your party, we at your party screaming
We bout to crash this bitch
We weren't even invited
Don't be surprised when we rush it
Tree smelling like apple seed
Don't nobody sound like us
But the mass like a brand new mattress
We party pants like some toddler snatching
It is like some burglars
Who the fuck wanna rob a?

Cover: World's Fair - NGM
  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Jul 11, 2013

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