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The Fogboyz - Freakshow lyrics

Welcome to the "Freakshow". Hahahahaha...
Today you will bear witness to two wonders of nature
Havik "tha Freak": half man, part beast
AndSt3w4 "tha Great": the angel of the living dead
Let's here their stories

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Come on in, I welcome you to my world
This is where people murder, just for fun
The strangest sexual fantasies come undone

There's bodies buried under my bedroom floor
I got hearts and tongues bagged in the freezer door
I live in a mansion, with a chandelier made of bones
Ring my doorbell, and you'll become part of my home

Some call me insane, others just a little deranged
While I'm fucking your mom in the butt, I'm thinking of dead things
I live down in the valley, of the cemetery
Where the night's as black as an empty grave

When I lay down to go to sleep, I'm never alone
I just dig me up a body, and take 'em home
Welcome to my Freakshow, Freakshow
Y'all might call it crazy, but I just call it home

Welcome to my Freakshow, Freakshow
Y'all might call it crazy, but I just call it home, Freakshow
It's tha great Freakshow, welcome to our mansion
I'm the caretaker, just working to get my pension

Come on over, everybody's welcomed in it
But when you step in, it's good riddance
You're gonna get hit, with the whiff of death
Me, I've been dead since the day I was concept

Into this new world, full of new whores
For me to adore, and rip out their spinal cords
And hang them up, all down my corridors
I just burry bodies in the backyard, and under my floor

It's my taste of style, medieval and gothic
Kill all the emo chicks, and cage up all the gothics
Every skinny ass hoe, I make 'em dance for me
Tell them I've got money, so they'll meet my needs

I never said I was paying 'em, now they pissed off
I shoot 'em dead, then go looking for another dumb broad
I'm back, but not "tha Freak"
I am Valcom

It's the I-Ching
It tells my future by looking at lines and rings
Shit, says the next thing Imma get, is a Zaftig
What the fuck is a Zaftig? In other words man, it's a fat bitch

Ok, now I've done a complete 180, back to reality
Truth is I've got a problem, and need some recovery
'Cause I act oddly, you can call me a drug addict
I drag bodies from here, to the top floor attic

When you walk into the kitchen, and open up all the cabinets
All you see is Lysol, Mayonnaise, and a bottle of Windex
And this told me, that I needed to look at myself
Took the 12 step program, and went looking for help

I found a sponsor, his name is St3w4
He taught me, how to properly cut up a body
First, get ya a power saw, hammer, nails, and some Morphine
Grab you a belt, box cutter, bowls, and a sock to muffle the scream

Strap him in, drug him up, he won't feel a thang
Pick up the box cutter, and do exactly as I say
Do a Y shaped cut from his collar bones, to the center peck, down to thenavel
Peel his flesh back, and nail it down to the table

Cut along the pelvis, and nail it back as well
Cut off the testicles, you'd be surprise how well those sell
Now grab your power saw, and split the sternum in half
Reach in, peel the rib cage back 'til it snaps

Pick up the box cutters again, and pick an organ to detach
Remove them one-by-one, put them in a bowl, then rinse them out
Grab your power saw, it's time for the scalp
Cut 2 inches above the brow, and the brain should just fall out
Now grab your cutters, and cut along the body's seams
Peel off the skin, and grind up all the meat...let's eat..yeah
  • Release
  • I'm Free: Free Ballin'

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Submitted
  • Jul 2, 2013

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#5 Daily Hip Hop/Rap

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