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Cool Breeze Celly & A-Hatz - Rip lyrics

Hey hey
Come here
Yeah I know what it is man
Me and cold breeze headin to the city
Two-two bottles each

So-so 50 man
Bad bitches real ass fake titties
And now I'm coming daddy
Just Papua no Guinea
I was on D-town
Shut down annex
My bitch here so down
She hooked down finex
...see her dumb
She got that atomic
Smoking that GP word to the Sunnex
We just came to bar
I'm just trying to flush it
Everybody else know me
No introduction
I love bad bitches
But I don't ever trust'em
She got butt she bouncing
Nigger watcha talking bout
We don't hear nothing
We out for the bitches who we fucking
Now we ducking

All CC now from the VIP
Tell a bitch come through I tell her bring a friend
As long as she a 10 we can do it all again
Raise raise city been here
These niggers just trendy
You niggers had to disappear
That's a task at me
Black girl in a white Beamer
That's a two seat
Smocking on tone low
Fucking combine
Ass like China
She give me that Becky
She my American girl
No time petty
Pussy all out
Is she popping like confetti
Ride that D no Michael Antretti
White city and this bitch is about to get hectic
I see all cold breeze
On second cold breeze selling
Light on the C now with the peak
Man couple goos on me
Man niggers on impale yeah
Niggers down playing boy like a damn hail
Two two bad red bones
And the both kissing
And the bitches move bad like Burt Simpson
I just wanna join
So and nigger join
Flip both girls nigger like a damn coin
First night she makes...like a turn up
Spit the swisher...down on nigger
We on VIP y'all better get up
Chest bottle 3
Nigger that's a warm up
Yeah I'm a tourist but I'm fucking on a lay out
She let her friend join
Bitch I call that a tree on
They both got ass like it was in Rio
I hear one plus one like...
We in the club blowing Os Oklahoma
Cush cosh Shrek blowing on Fiona
Jean Gautier nigger smell the aroma
Bound my paper like I'm getting my diploma
Yeah we fucking balling like I rouse the no day
You know this...with a fucking click hey
She busting then she popping like some fucking champagne
Then we let the ones fly boy like an airplane
Get that pussy good
She need to get a sponsor
I be messed up boy
Found'em at the opera
Yeah nigger blow
Like a damn rasta
And nigger too fly
Nigger like a damn chopper
Cover: Cool Breeze Celly & A-Hatz - Rip
  • Bull Brothers II

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jul 2, 2013

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#2 Daily Hip Hop/Rap

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