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Versatile - Save Me lyrics

I spend all day chilling all alone
You haven't called for days still waiting by the phone
You welcome here, but you never came back home
I hate it how you are the reason I made this song
You left me cold like a statue made out of stone
I hate that you're the only thought running through my dome
Seems like the more I try forgetting I remember more
Gave you my all as if everything you had to own
And I swear, I can't keep going on
It used to be every plan I had had you involved
Now every problem we create we can never solve
I'm desperate for all of your love I think I'm overdosed
You had my heart open like suicide doors
And it has been taking a beating that it's feeling sore
I'm feeling like I'm defeated I can't take anymore
I'm stranded on an island and I'm all alone

Can't keep going on like this, you're the only one I miss
But you don't want me and that's something I can't accept
Save me, I'm suffering in vain
Can't you hear me calling out your name?
Please save me, I'm suffering in vain
And I can't go on another day

You're thinking that you're right but you're oh so wrong
Been together for awhile but we can't get along
Arguing in public or when we at home
10 minutes later you get up and you're gone
Calling me names saying I am annoying
While I am calling you you are ignoring
Then I start texting I know you're receiving
But you ain't replying you are still ignoring
And, there ain't a bandage big enough to heal the damage
Breaking all the glass and you're telling me you've had it
I need you so bad that I'm thinking I'm an addict
Always got you above me like I'm under an attic
Sooner or later, I'm gonna' go through madness
Tried to fulfill your needs, even all your demands and
I don't think you will come back I'm starting to realize it
But I hate to imagine it, I don't think I can manage

I gave you my loving in abundance
I guess it was too much for you to hold in
I hate it whenever you're gone off a substance
Cus you're not who you are, you are different
I'm steady wishing that you're hating how we're distant
But I'm in a nightmare that turned realistic
You don't love me so I'm someone that you hate and
I'm hating the way I'm wishing we made it
Lying to my face, cutting with different dudes
You letting em' get it in, quicker than choosing shoes
I stayed by your side even with your attitude
Even when you cheated I didn't stay mad at you
I, gave you my heart and now it's broken in two
And I'm, so confused about what I gotta' do
I'm a be waiting like a song that's queued
How you could you leave me without an adieu?

  • Year
  • 2011

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  • Jul 1, 2013

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#2 Daily Hip Hop/Rap

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