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Tabius Tate - Determination lyrics

All I ever had was a dream and a prayer
Said all I ever had was a dream and a prayer
Dreams come true
If God blessed me, then He will bless you
Dreams come true
If God blessed me, He gonna bless you

You know what, I can't get no job
I got thoughts of selling cocaine
My uncle got cancer, need medication and Rogaine
Niggas out here walking, no gas, they selling propane

Y'all niggas is robbing, turning niggas to low main
Chinese choppers, they bust you, tell you they Siamese
Twin, double shoters, I know you niggas will try me
Why me? You ain't gave me shit, nigga, I took it
And you ain't taking shit from me, partner, so quit that looking

I'm older, plus I know this world is getting colder
I take a lot of pictures exposing that motor roller
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
Grip told me cuz' stay focused, don't let them fold you

Up like the papers in Manilla, you niggas sweet as vanilla
So I stay cool, in the fur of my chinchilla
And out the gates of what I'm truly considered a real nigga
And gangsta don't mean you banging and kill niggas

And you lil' niggas need to chill and live, nigga
This shit you dying for ain't going to hell with you
Hope you got insurance, my nigga, and ice packs
You gonna pray to God that Lucifer slice that

Time that you living and die, where you go when you die
You never know, just hope you float in the sky
They tell you go to school and get a degree
But niggas with their Masters' at the tin service, working with me

The never told me get my certification, but they hired a white boy
In high school who daddy owned some places
I applied for, I ain't stopped then, I applied more
Got a job two weeks late, I got fired from both
Got a pound of that herb for 8.50, sold it for 13, like damn, I sell it quickly
Why is this so sticky, my niggas, they still smoking
Ain't no taxes on that bitch, the government don't promote it

I figured if they scared just say and deny quoting
Hope your brain cells stay lower and we devoted to the hocus pocus
Abracadabra, magical lotion
The locomotive handsome Tabius Tate when he flowing

Rowing, hoping that I'mma stay in my lane, never to change
But I work for the better, never do it in vain
Insane, I established the moments to make progress
It's a process, like walking without a car

Yes, bless, I gave God all praises, shorty had my back when I was aching
Every time, Lord knows I was stressing away in my head and mind
I was five cents, shorty helped me make a dime
My city dying and I'm trying to erase the crime

Yeah, Lord forgive me for all my sins, yeah
Tabius Tate music.com, yeah
Wanna thank you all for coming out, know what I'm saying
One more shot, gone

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Jun 30, 2013

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