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C-Money & Crawfish - Skip Shop (Thrift Shop Parody) lyrics

Hey Mr. Cross, can we skip last block?

What, what, what, what...
Samneet, Samneet, Samneet Chepal! [x4]

I'm gonna skip some class,
Only got a few days left 'til summer,
I-I'm runnin', lookin' out for David,
Who cares it' just high school

Walk into the class like "What up? I got a B+"
I'm so pumped 'cause I barely even show up
Sleeping in on Mondays, it's so darn comfy,
Teacher's like "Dang! That's a future junkie!"

Rollin' into History, learnin' bout the ancient Greeks,
Got a final, didn't study, say goodbye to Mr. Green,
Chillin' in the hallways, girls standin' next to me
See Ms. Puharich, she's gonna sic her cats on me!
Crap, she's got 99 cats!

I be copyin' it, bombin' it,
Just tryna get my 80 creds
Passin' in a class I thought I'd been failin' in
Samneet, Thenuga, Aridam
All gettin' perfect on exams
I'm gettin' 70 and I'm hella happy- that's a C+!

I'mma take Nichols' style, I'mma take Nichols' style,
No for real, ask Nichols, can I have his overalls?
Tailored dress suit and some gym sneakers,
At this school, we've got all kinds of different teachers

They had a math tutorial, I skipped that math tutorial,
And all these easy teachers don't mind that I'm remedial.
Hello, hello, my English teacher's mellow!
VTop ain't got nothin' on Mr. Boomhower though!
I could sleep all I want, he'd be cool, I suppose,
The sleepy heads would be like "Aww, he got a pillow!"


What you know about havin' nothin' in your noggin?
What you know about chillin' out the big gym?
I'm skippin', I'm skippin', I'm leavin' right through that alley,
But as soon as I leave, David comes and finds me.

Wanna thank all my teachers for creating all those Scantron tests,
Because I maybe gotta chance if I pick all random letters, yes
I'm in some trouble you can find me at the office
Talkin' up Ms. Smigel- you think that I'm a novice?

McCrazy and Searcy, Mubanda, J-Breezy
I take those easy classes and I pass them like a slacker
Instead of homework I play League, I'm a total slacker
I walk into the class say "Yo, what's up Mr. Sharma?"
They be like "The bell went, you're hella late."
I'm like "Yo chill, I'm gettin' a passing grade, bro"

Accounting class tradition, let's do some simple addition
50 percent on my final, that's not bad, I guess I'll take it
I call that getting by with an easy pass
I call that getting kicked out of Business
Breezy's hella dope!
But Easy Breezy putting people's staplers into yellow Jello is a hella don't!

Science wing, come take a look through my microscope
Tryna get grades like Samneet? Man you hella won't
Man you hella won't

High school, skippin' class, yeah


I may always be late,
I get horrendous grades,
I just want to escape,
But I'm gonna miss this place x2


Just kidding, stay in school!

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  • Jun 22, 2013

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