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Alien Pimp & Ikkaku - Good Consumer (Full Remix) lyrics

You are an individual
But you are also a member of a global community
Most important of all, you are a consumer
As a member of this community it is your duty to consume
Because the system would collapse if you'd stop spending
And the consequences would be awful

The system that runs your country relies on you being a good consumer
The good consumer is always buying new products

Always buying new products

When he is not buying he is working hard, earning money
So that he can fund future consumption
The golden rule of consumption
Is to concentrate on buying the things that you want
As appose to the things that you really need

Celebrities are setting the fashions of tomorrow
Pay attention to what they say
They will keep you abreast of new trends
And help you to decide which new products are best

Man, it is acceptable for you to follow fashion too
You'll know when you're falling behind on fashion
Because you will begin to look out of place
The consequences of this can be devastating, not just for the economy
But for your own well being
The good consumer avoids falling out of fashion at all costs
Remember, follow fashion

Household brands are your friends
Their factories work around the clock
To insure that the shops are stuffed full of things for you to buy
You can trust your favorite brands to make the choice for you
They know what's best
You can repay the brands by advertising their logos on your chest
Remember, trust in brands
Remember, follow fashion

Consumption is good for the environment
The more you consume, the more you can recycle
The good consumer works hard to earn the money that he spends
But we can not all earn enough to keep up
Borrow money if you begin to fall behind
Treat yourself
Treat yourself the things that you deserve
Treat your children
Teach them to cherish their brands
Remember they are the consumers of tomorrow

We are all under pressure to become the best consumers that we can possibly be
And it is normal for this pressure to cause anxiety
This is because you are not consuming enough
Do not allow your negative attitude to infect others
The strenght of the system relies on the confidence of consumers
At the first sign of depression
The good consumer visits the high street for retail therapy
Remember, consume for happiness
Your role in society is to consume
Without consumerism our beautiful way of life will surely collapse
Consume something now

  • Year
  • 2009

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  • Approved by Payne

Voice by Neil Boorman from the video good consumer by bonfireofthebrands
Made to promote BUY NOTHING DAY

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