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Cubic Nomad - Moby lyrics

Before time
Before light
Before life itself

They say the Earth was formless, empty
Darkness was over the surface of the deep
That darkness utters there still
Eternity whispering in the crash of the waves
Mysteries about who we are and where we come from
We suffer, we talk, we live and die
Never knowing why we're born into this life
Whether it's to serve good
Or evil

Cover: Cubic Nomad - Moby
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  • 2011

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#1 Daily Ambient/Chillout

In memory of Moby Pinkster (1999-2010)

From the TV series 'Night Stalker' season 1, episode 6 'The Source' (2005)

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1 Radiance feat. Tekgnosis Paradox Hardstyle 2013
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