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Cubic Nomad - What Remains lyrics

Listen to me, please
You're like me, a homo sapiens, a wise human
Life, a miracle in the universe
Appeared around 4 billion years ago
And we humans only 200,000 years ago
Yet we have succeeded in disrupting the balance that is so essential to life
Listen carefully to this extraordinary story, which is yours
And decide what you want to do with it

It's time to come together
What's important is not what's gone, but what remains

We still have half the world's forests
Thousands of rivers, lakes and glaciers
And thousands of thriving species
We know that the solutions are there today
We all have the power to change
So what are we waiting for?

Cover: Cubic Nomad - What Remains
  • Earth 2

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  • 2012

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#1 Daily Ambient/Chillout

Taken from Home (2009).

This product is 100% ecological.
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