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Dolphin - Dogshit Roulette lyrics

My cloak is made of a ti-ti-titanium alloy
Titanium alloy
That shields me from heat!

Well, well, well!
If it isn't the four ninjas!
The four ninjas (2X)

Fools, I am Professor Chaos, bringer of destruction and doom
Your feeble ninja powers are no match for me!
-Looks like we have a sworn enemy, you guys
-Very well, Professor Chaos! We'll play along
-Now, fell the fiery sting of my tonfa Takanawa!

That knocks you down
Yeah huh, I got you

And it's because of times like these I was forced to a life of evil.
Society cast me out, and so I vowed to make them all pay, and pay they did!
Nobody knows that beneath this sweet eight-year-old little boy lies the most evil, the most destructive supervillain of all time!
Professor Chaos!

Cha-chaos-os (4X)

Let's see how you like dealing with me, ninjas!


How would you ninjas like to do battle?

Subarashii chinchin mono
Kintama no kame aru
Sore no oto sarubobo
Iie! Ninja ga imasu

The life of a ninja is complex and full of peril

A castaway, forced to live his life out in solitude
Professor Chaos cannot be stopped!

Sure, it's easy to be a ninja when everything's going your way
But it's times like these, when the chips are down, that a ninja shows his true character

Cover: Dolphin - Dogshit Roulette
  • Someone's Gotta Represent

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  • 2005

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  • Oct 27, 2012 by Imil

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