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Vecino - Futile (Aszeszment Anthem) lyrics

No place to hide

Oblivion is all that awaits you
Your efforts are futile
You have no place to hide and nowhere to run (run)
I will feast on your souls

Solid sounds [2x]



Oblivion is all that awaits you
As I was your beginning, so shall I be
Your end

There is no one left to save you

Aszeszment [9x]

Aszeszment 2012
Are you ready for some hardstyle
Or do you prefer David Guetta?
- I don't like hardstyle
And I prefer Justin Bieber
- You deserve a bullet

Cover: Vecino - Futile (Aszeszment Anthem)
  • Futile

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  • 2012

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Quotes by the character named Dark Voice
Dark Voice:

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