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Deepwide Feat. Josh Money - Take Me In (Original Mix) lyrics

We listen in, to
Cold whispers beneath the stage
The piano resonates
While the dark circus awaits the spectre

The ribbon falls
Welcome to the grand collage
Absorb this beautiful mirage
Contest the chaos of the colors we create

Through the mist, above the crowd
Where hanging paper lanterns glow
A place that no one knows
Except for you

Take me in [4x]

In their dreams
Turbines drown the sound of men
And the sweat upon our skin
Would turn to steam

Night fades away
Unmask the innocents of day
And I awake to hear you say

Take me in [2x]

Still we become
Our own desires driven by habits
Saints and martyrs hunting rabbits in the fields

We'll tear away
These coverings of hessian cloth we've made
Being conscious is one thing we won't evade

Take me in [2x]
I will take you in
I will take you..

Cover: Deepwide Feat. Josh Money - Take Me In (Original Mix)
  • Take Me In / River

  • Year
  • 2008

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Approved by atomicoz

    Top achievedBETA
    #2 Daily Trance

Tracklist also has a remix by Adymus

Style also follows progressive trance
Composed and produced by Josh Money, Matti Jarvinen and Tommi Hatakka
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