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Prefix & Density - Locked Up lyrics

You know, I mean

That's when the real fear kicked in
I think I went into shock, honestly
You know the only thing we could say
I was, it wasn't my bag, that
You know, I mean
I was saying no, no
At this point we were crying

We're like "wow"

And I also remember, we were gonna buy makeup


We were so different, we were white, we were blond
And I was blind
I don't know what it was but as I remember everyone waking
Waking and then everyone was staring at me

I don't think I ever had a whole night sleep there
Though all time I was there

The real fear kicked in

We're like "wow"

The real fear kicked in

Cover: Prefix & Density - Locked Up
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  • 2012

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Lyrics were taken from the serie Locked Up Abroad Season 01 Episode 01 - Peru

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