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Skism - Rave Review lyrics

Bass comes in on it

I don't know which came first, shitty rave music or the drugs?
I wonder if it was just these, these non-music fuckheads, who were, you know, sitting in their house one day and they dicked around on a MacIntosh and they go like listen

Tu-tu-tu-tu [?x]
Hit the drum sample
Tu-tu-tu-tu [?x]

Fuck, that's so good


Kiss my fucking ass
Bass comes in on it

Oh wow, it's Jungle, Trance, Hip-hop fucking shit music,
And everyone sits around and goes "god this sucks!"
No, take these drugs

Hit the drum sample

It's dubstep, who cares?

I'm dizzy the dubstep
Cover: Skism - Rave Review
  • Down With The Kids Ep

  • Year
  • 2010

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  • Aug 3, 2011 by Rudi
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    #5 Daily Dubstep

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