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High Rankin - Meow Meow lyrics

Ah man
I got so wrecked the other night man, seriously you wouldn't believe
I was like ahh

Yeah, really?
Yeah, man, fucking Meow Meow, I did like three grams of that shit
It was like ahh
Seriously, mate, get me?

The fuck you messing about that shit for man, that'll do you wrong

It's wicked man, it's legal, so you know it's like well, good and stuff, seriously
Like ahh, it's crazy, it's crazy

Man, that stuff will rot your cock off, mate you need to be careful
Nah, it's wicked man, everyone does it, don't worry about it, ahh

Why don't you stick to doing real drugs mate, you know, drugs that people know stuff about

No, man, I swear
It's fine [3x]
It's shitloads
I'm alright [2x]

Man it makes you stink in cats piss, and makes your cock shrivel down to the size of fucking peanut
Yeah shut up man, whatever

It's around one AM on any given weekend
And all over the country, men on Mcat, Methadrone, and Meow stand at urinals, praying to God that their hideously shriveled penis isn't permanent

Meow [?x]
Cover: High Rankin - Meow Meow
  • Meow Meow

  • Year
  • 2010

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Cauterite 5 years, 6 months ago
"rot your cough-cough"?
Sounds more like "rot your cock off".
Thanks for the help!
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