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Vazard - The Orange Tree lyrics

Our version of the story was that the man himself then vanished
Along with the tree
Who knows what actually happened?

How does he do it?
I'm afraid I still don't know

I would like to continue with an examination, of time
From the moment we enter this life we are in the flow of it
We measure it and we mark it
But we cannot defy it
Have we not each experienced the sensation
That a beautiful moment seemed to pass too quickly...
And wished that we could make it linger?
Or felt time slow on a dull day...
We cannot even speed it up or, slow it down
Or can we?

Everything that you have seen is an illusion

I apologize if I've given you any false hope
My intention has only been to entertain
Nothing more

It's a trick
It's not real

How does he do it?
I'm afraid I still don't know

Cover: Vazard - The Orange Tree
  • The Orange Tree

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Pain 10 years, 2 months ago
01:16:41 It's a trick.

01:16:44 It's not real.

Taken from the movie, so it is probably that.
Va fan, intrige!
DaHunger 10 years, 2 months ago
for me the [...] sounds like:
A trick
Not real

someone who hears the same?
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H4LHitout 12 years, 5 months ago
Nice going for your first lyric, I do have some comments tho:

- please try to look for a full length version of the song; most songs these days are about 5min long

- please start every new line with a capital

- last but not least, please do not put a dot or a comma at the end of every sentence, a question mark where necessary would be appreciated tho :)

All of the above is also explained in our rules.
H4LHitout, pissing you off in a polite way.
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