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Chase & Status ft. Ceelo Green - Brixton Briefcase lyrics

Yeah my Brixton Briefcase
From across the pond
London's burning
But the beat goes on

Feel my power
The electric life
Real rude boys
Rule the town tonight

We don't need no fighting
For these beautiful birds around
But it gon' change like lightning
As soon as the sun goes down

Turn it on (Hey!)
Oh, turn it on (Hey!)

I've got a Brixton Briefcase
Ministry of sound
The walls between us
They gon' tear them down

It's a Brixton Briefcase
Is that such a sin?
Blokes get battered
They get a Chelsea grin

Whoa, do you dance for me gorgeous
Smile and sing along
Shake your ass for me mama
They're playing your favorite song

Turn it on (Hey!)
Oh, turn it on (Hey!)

For off records
Nothing's solved
Turn it up louder
Tell old bill, fuck off

All my family
And all my friends
Have to ride that train
All the way to the end

Oh aren't you a naughty little neighbour
Pretending to be posh
Maybe the music can save us
Pullin' a wanker with such a Porsche

Get it on (Hey!)
Get up, Get it on (Hey!)

Turn it on (Hey!)
Oh, turn it on (Hey!)

I got a Brixton Briefcase
Feel my power
I got a Brixton Briefcase
F-F-Feel my power

Cover: Chase & Status ft. Ceelo Green - Brixton Briefcase
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  • Year
  • 2011

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Brixton briefcase:
A massive radio-cassette player, usually carried by stoned and thuggish black youths.
"Look at that cocky twat with his Brixton briefcase blaring out" ~ urbandictionary

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