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DJ F.R.A.N.K. - Discotex (Radio Edit) lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen
I want everybody to open up your discotheques, yeah

Discotheques, yah! [x3]

Now tell me there's a lot of you motherfuckers out there probably feeling guilty
But we don't want you to feel guilty
Because God is everywhere with the bitches, man
No doubt on this
No bitch, no God
No God

In the beginning God created.. (what!)
Discotheques, yah!
God created.. (what!)
Discotheques, yah! [x3]
God created.. (what!)
Discotheques [x5]

Discotheques, yah!

Now, I want you to open up your disco bible
Your discotheques

God made the bitches, yeah
He had to make the bitches cause the bitches had to make other bowsers and bitches
And we're out here together
And all of us are made by these motherfuckers
Now.. Are you ready, motherfuckers?
To walk out on the floor now, and start, to dance..

God created.. (what!)
Discotheques, yah!
God created.. (What!)
Discotheques [x5]

(Discotheques, yah!)

Discotheques, yah!

Cover: DJ F.R.A.N.K. - Discotex (Radio Edit)
  • Discotex! (Yah!)

  • Year
  • 2010

  • Genre

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