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Ophidian as Raziel - To Banish Sanity lyrics

As they swarmed after me I felt the terror that must've filled their wizened hearts
They knew what I had to do here
That it would spell their downfall
But time was ripe, indeed past due
I need to exploit my new born talents and send a hymn of death across this land

Enough to banish sanity
Enough to send the children of the night plucking at their eyes
Tearing open their own throats
Enough to destroy every creature off the face of this bruised and bleeding land

My goal was within reach

Cover: Ophidian as Raziel - To Banish Sanity
  • To Sing of Desecration

  • Year
  • 2007

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  • Jul 11, 2010 by jaap
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From the video game 'Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver' (1999).
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