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X-Dream - We Interface lyrics

Monitoring devices
Know where you go
Mass media
Total control

Digital delight
Desire in megabyte
Data overflow
Virtual suicide

This information
Is dinformation
Truth is hidden
Knowledge forbidden

Structures, powers
to delegate
To speak is to lie
To lie is to collaborate

Information streams
Simulating dreams
Interactive mind control
Systematic overflow

We interface [x3]

Monitoring devices
Know where you go
Public mind
Propaganda show

Magnetic sleep
Network addiction
Be absorbed
Science fiction

It's psychological
Brainwashed hospital

The sun never sets,
On cyberspace
Transmit, receive
Log on to interface

Cover: X-Dream - We Interface
  • We Interface

  • Year
  • 2004

  • Genre

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#3 Daily Psychedelic/Goa

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