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A*S*Y*S - We Call It Aciiied! lyrics

A music phenomenon
Only for the headstrong
Makes you wanna dance, move, groove your feet
Puts you in a trance
Keeps you on your feet
We call it [2x]

You turn on
You tune in
You drop out
Acid has that effect
Basslines be pumping
Bodies rocking
Looking at the crowd
You hear them shout

We-we-we-we-we call it

If you thought it was a drug
Now you know you're wrong
You hear it in Phuture, Shoom and Spectrum
We call it [3x]

Cover: A*S*Y*S - We Call It Aciiied!
  • Acid Save Your Soul

  • Year
  • 2005

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Phuture, Shoom and Spectrum were early Acid pioneers.
This is a bonus track which doesn't appear on the cover.

2 lyrics with the source D-Mob feat. Gary Haisman - We Call It Acieeed
1 Ecstasy Club Jesus Loves The Acid Techno 1988
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