lolo lives on lolo forever
Posted by Neoflamer - 2022-03-01After a internal meeting with lolo and hst we've decided to continue on for the time being so nothing really happens any longer on may 5th except the fact of a new day dawns ;), only difference will be that the free tracks section will NOT come back due to RIAA complaints and that's kind of why we've had this red alert situation in the first place to be honest.

I did get a e-mail from RIAA and well i panicked and went with a big control alt delete mode to not have to deal with any potential lawsuits, i mean i'm the one responsible for the server and i'll be the one who will be sued, america and their copyright firms and laws are nothing you play around with, they are big, they are scary and a fine of minimum 10k is nothing to be trifled with!

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