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Artist Track Genre (?)
1 Darude Sandstorm (Wasted Penguinz Boot.. Hardstyle
2 Killaheadz Lettin' Go (MakSim Tribute Exte.. Hardstyle ↑1
3 Lunaticz & Alles & Ieder.. La La La Van Strauss Enzo (Hard.. Hardstyle ↑8
4 Adjuzt Next Generation (Live Edit) Hardstyle ↑12
5 Bring Me The Horizon Can You Feel My Heart (Rebelion.. Hardstyle ↓3
6 Crystal Castles Leni Dance/House ↓2
7 NF My Stress (Zerberuz Bootleg) Hardcore/Gabber ↑5
8 Adjuzt & Rysen Wrong (Radio Edit) Hardstyle ↓3
9 Adjuzt & Untamed God Damn Demons (2020 Edit) (Or.. Hardstyle ↓2
10 D-Mind & FPXL I Miss You (Missing) (Extended .. Hardstyle ↓1
11 Adjuzt & Untamed God Damn Demons (2020 Edit) (Ra.. Hardstyle ↓3
12 D-Mind Close To You (Original Mix) Hardstyle ↑5
13 David Guetta & Morten fe.. Save My Life (Redhot Bootleg) Hardstyle ↓7
14 Forbidden Society Order (Shatterling Remix) DnB ↓4
15 Hooligan Hefs Tell Em I'm Doing Eetswa (Redho.. Hardstyle ↑3
16 Psychopathics Distortion (Adjuzt Edit) Hardstyle ↑3
17 Redhot Not Bhed Good Soize Hardcore/Gabber ↓4
18 Redhot The Sickest Hardstyle ↑2
19 Renegade System Fjord Hardtrance ↓5
20 Shatterling Chronoshards Hardcore/Gabber ↓5
21 Warface & Delete The Truth (Redhot Edit) Hardstyle
22 Livewire Fading Light DnB ↑14
23 The Score Unstoppable (Brutality Edit) Hardstyle ↑16
24 Martin Garrix Proxy (Original Mix) Dance/House ↑13
25 Zany & The Prophet 384.000 Hardstyle New
26 Deorro Hustlin Dance/House New
27 Feestteam & DJ Maurice Shirt Uit En Zwaaien (Special K.. Hardstyle New
28 Gavin James Always (Cyber Bootleg) Hardstyle New
29 Meg & Dia Monster (DotEXE Remix) Dubstep New
30 Tripped Fuck The Millennium (Industrial.. Hardcore/Gabber New
31 ASIN Emulsion Hardtechno/Schranz New
32 Atmozfears feat. David S.. Release (Chill Mix) Dance/House New
33 Blasterjaxx & DBSTF feat.. Beautiful World (Onex & Trax RV.. Hardstyle New
34 Boaz Van De Beatz Feat K.. Warrior (Dj Mad Dog Bootleg) Hardcore/Gabber New
35 Bomfunk MC's Freestyler (Sexy Simo Hardstyle.. Hardstyle New
36 Braintune Story Of Your Slavery Hardcore/Gabber New
37 Deadmau5 Faxing Berlin (Naden Remix) Trance New
38 Deepack vs Zappaman Drop The Mower (Busho FKA Inztr.. Hardstyle New
39 Deepshoutz Egyptian Gods Hardstyle New
40 DJ Hazard Mr. Happy (DJIPE Bootleg) Hardcore/Gabber New
41 Dougal & Gammer Guitar Hero vs Through The Dark.. Hardcore/UK New
42 Elonious Past Reflections Dance/House New
43 Empyre One Moonlight Shadow (Tweezers Boot.. Hands Up! New
44 Ezitsuj Dragonborn (Skyrim Tribute Part.. Hardstyle New
45 Fanatics & MC DL No Guts No Glory (Defqon.1 DJ T.. Hardstyle New
46 Fiend Fucking Destroy You Hardcore/Gabber New
47 Final Edition Betcha Can't Love Just One (Lab.. Dance/House New
48 Flight Facilities Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) Dubstep New
49 Frequencerz The Unknown (Original Mix) Hardstyle New
50 Gigi D'Agostino I'll Fly With You (Trance-Force.. Hardtrance New