End of an era
Posted by Neoflamer - 2022-02-20Dear Visitors,

It is with a broken heart that I write that an era is coming to an end. I have decided to discontinue lololyrics.com and harderstate.com. I have terminated the server contract as of March 5, 2022. After this, the websites will go offline.

I understand that this decision may be unexpected. There are a few reasons behind it, but the main reason is that I think it's time to move on with my life. I have carried on my brother's legacy for a long time and sometimes it is better to let things go.

We have enjoyed a decade and a half of dedicated music -and lyric lovers, hosted several big events and so much over the years that I am immensely proud of. I could never have done this without you guys, so thank you for that. In particular I would like to thank all crew members of both websites for the tremendous work throughout the years on the foreground and behind the scenes.

If you want to stay in touch I encourage you to join the Discord. In the upcoming time I will set up this server to make it feel more like home.


If you have any questions or comments please let me know.


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