Lyrics by Andrew Spencer
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Can't Stop Love (Extended Mix)
Andrew Spencer Feat. Pit Bailay
Dance/House - 2011 - Can't Stop Love

Andrew Spencer & Andrew Fischer
Dance/House - 2019 - Heimweh

Here Without You
Andrew Spencer Vs. Lazard
Hands Up! - 2009 - Skitzmix 30

Here Without You (Mondo Remix)
Andrew Spencer Vs. Lazard
Dance/House - 2008 - Here Without You

I Need A Hero
Andrew Spencer meets Blue Nature
Hands Up! - 2008 - I Need A Hero Vinyl

I'm Always Here (Baywatch Theme) (Ti-Mo Remix)
Andrew Spencer feat. Pit Bailay
Hands Up! - 2011 - I'm Always Here (Baywatch Theme) (Bounce Bundle)

Me Or You
Andrew Spencer
Dance/House - 2021 - Me Or You

Stop Loving You (Brooklyn Bounce Remix Edit)
Andrew Spencer
Hands Up! - 2009 - Stop Loving You (Dance Edition)

To Be With You (2-4 Grooves Remix)
Andrew Spencer
Dance/House - 2007 - To Be With You

Video Killed The Radio Star (Picco Elektro Remix Edit)
Andrew Spencer
Dance/House - 2009 - Video Killed The Radio Star (House Edition)

What A Feeling
Andrew Spencer
Dance/House - 2015 - What A Feeling

When The Sun Goes Down
Andrew Spencer
Dance/House - 2020 - When The Sun Goes Down

15 tracks - Add missing lyric