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I'm only an ordinary listener to Hardcore/Gabber & Hardstyle music,
who wanna understand the lyrics (I try it hard, but... you know)

Dione feat. MC Raw - Members of Megarave
Members of Megarave
The true originators of a global movement
We've been there at the cradle of Hardcore
During its uprising
And its self constructed downfall

We watch it mature to the invincible structuring it is today
We members from the first hour
We have passed the point of no return
And from here and all we'll rise

For too long we've been doing all kinds of shit
For too long we've been travelling across the face of the Earth
This is our Movement!
Hardcore is our gospel
We will Dominate this planet for all Eternity!

Marc Smith - We Are Hardcore
We are all fucking Hardcore

Why? I tell you why
Hardcore is why, Hardcore is quite simply a way of life
It's our community, our friends, it's our family
Every single one of us here shares the same passion for this music
It can be happy, it can be hard, it doesn't fucking matter
We all eat, sleep and breathe this stuff man

This is our life, this is our choice and this is our movement
Because we are all fucking Hardcore

I'm from the place where Hardcore is beautiful

PL.gif Carlo Bandini & John Core - Solidarity (Hardcore Remix)