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my subliminal lolo award



LOL, good times...

13:15 xelen: in!
13:15 Imil: Out!
13:15 HCverlie: over!
13:16 Titan.99: under!
13:16 Imil: Inbetween! whoop
13:17 Titan.99: Slightly to the left!
13:19 xelen: in the oven
13:21 Imil: On the grill.
13:21 Titan.99: Feeding the cat
13:22 xelen: at the kitchen
13:22 Imil: In the night
13:22 xelen: all night long
13:22 Imil: haba haba
13:22 Titan.99: hangover in the morn
13:23 Imil: tipsy again midday
13:23 Titan.99: abusing bar tender by noon
13:29 eddie: on the shitter by afternoon
13:29 Imil: BLEERGHH
13:29 eddie: pew pew


01:33 H4LHitout: or are ya waiting till ya crash behind yo pc again?
01:34 H4LHitout: which basically is a kind of bed for you i guess...
01:35 atomicoz: :O
01:35 H4LHitout: well is it not? :O

08:14 Predaking drunken king walks in
09:32 H4LHitout: God preda really, at this hour?
10:33 Imil: How does this still surprise you?

Flori, the Slowpoke...

11:48 Flori1123: oh we have now showing newest member too in that box under the links
11:49 Flori1123: or wus i blind and didnt saw it earlier?

01:16 Flori1123: hey i have avery nice sex (;
01:18 atomicoz: a'very good borat english yes


16:00 NoX: Disclaimer: My last comment may have contained traces of sarcasm.


14:40 kickAD: no, titan, get back in your cage

14:50 Titan: 2z8sphe.jpg


02:32 Shadow_Dweller: titan...if u n me showered id let u pee on my leg


15:28 Titan: thats not punny
15:29 kickAD: i think i puked a little in my mouth
15:31 Core: so bad...
15:33 Titan: Michael Jackson bad?
15:33 Titan: Cause that bad is good.
15:33 Core: no, MJ is just good
15:34 Titan: You know hes bad? bad? really really bad?
15:34 Titan: And the whole world has to answer right now?
15:34 Titan: Just to tell you once again?
15:34 Titan: Whose bad?
15:34 kickAD: I hate this website


Lololyrics. The site of trolling bastards...

15:56 Titan: [a now inactive link of what WAS a near perfect remake of Technoboy's 'Rage']
15:57 DaHunger: doesn'T sound like the right note @ 0:11
16:00 Titan: i remade it without listening to the original as a refferance i feel boss. the chords and leads sound near perfect :3
16:00 DaHunger: still sounds like a wrong note @ 0:11
16:14 Titan: happy, hunger? :P [a second link with a fixed version]
16:15 DaHunger: yup ^_^
16:15 Titan: ;D
16:16 NoX: It's pretty close, but that 'low' note around 11 seconds is wrong
16:17 Titan: its just a muck around thing anywho :) doesnt matter
16:18 Pain: Dude, there's something wrong with the note at 11 seconds
16:19 Titan: why am i not hearing this "wrong note" ?
16:21 Core: there's something with the note at 11 seconds
16:21 Titan: you bastards!
16:22 NoX: Nothing major, but WRONG anyway
16:22 Core: shame titan, now you can't be famous
16:23 Titan: as i said, i didnt refer to the original at all :3
16:23 NoX: We can tell
16:24 Core: yeah, it's bad compared to the original
16:24 Titan: mmk :(
16:34 H4LHitout: wtf with that link titan, the note at 11s is totally off
16:34 Titan: hahahaha stuff you all
16:36 Core: the note at 11 seconds really bums me out
16:36 aslak1: titan wtf is up with the note at 11 seconds
16:37 H4LHitout: 37042736.jpg
16:37 DaHunger: he does not exist hessel
16:38 H4LHitout: 37042758.jpg
16:38 DaHunger: haha xD
16:38 H4LHitout: luvu titan <3
16:40 H4LHitout: 37042815.jpg
16:41 Rez: we got the point
16:41 mathyou12388: 37042824.jpg
16:41 Titan: xD
16:43 H4LHitout: totally titan rite nao: 37042873.jpg
16:44 Rez: It sounds okay to me but that might be because I am not used to making music
16:45 H4LHitout: dat rez 37042929.jpg
16:45 Titan: lolotroll lvl: over 9000!!!


Rest In Peace, Atom. Loloville misses you.
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