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In memorial of atomicoz.


Atom loves Dutch:
18:56 atomicoz: kut for everyone i say

Invictus about speedcore:
21:06 invictus: sometimes you can hear a DRRRRRRRRRR in between

NoX' issues:
18:45 NoX: I was just studying on my homework, being pretty concentrated, when all of a sudden a suicidal pidgeon decided to race into the window

And he is telling me that pink is gay:
"22:38 Sasuke (A.K.A. Pain): Yes it's true, watching fat men play twister in their underwear turns me on."

Be careful with what you wish for ;)
13:58 Imil: SOMEONE, get in the chat :/
14:00 Imil: fuck, why you?

Everybody knows LJ:
21:04 Stan: Time to continue fuckin' around with the footer again. -_-"
21:05 HardstyleLJ: is it only me or does that sound like some foot fetish action?
21:06 invictus: just you
21:07 Pain: Definitely you

That's a proper daychange:
00:00 > Behold! It's a new day in Loloville (22 Nov 2010)
00:00 Qz: Our grandfather clock rung stating that it was midnight so we knew it was bed time for the both us for we had church in the morning, so we turned the TV off and laid on our pull out bed and talked for a bit.

22:00 Payne: I would turn gay for stan. <3

Want a biology lesson? :lol:
16:07 Stan: I love being tutor...
16:07 Stan: Got a new one.
16:07 Stan: *pic here*
16:07 Stan: Not bad...
16:08 HardstyleLJ: DAIM
16:08 Imil: what's with da ho
16:13 Stan: I'm her tutor :]
16:13 LuckyStrika: what kind of tutor?
16:13 Stan: Math.
16:13 Stan: Unfortunately
16:13 HardstyleLJ: you'd prefer biology i guess
16:13 Stan: Got that right.
16:14 LuckyStrika: lol? so when you both sit at home in your room, you do maths?
16:15 LuckyStrika: wait a sec
16:15 HardstyleLJ: i'd know how to calculate
16:15 HardstyleLJ: you + me = ♥
16:15 Imil: more like "stan I don't get it" he: *drewl* "boobies"

Welcome to the Lolochat
00:38 NoX: Maybe I can help you out, exactly how much are you charging for your polish girlfriends?
00:39 H4LHitout: €15 HJ €25BJ €50 sex
00:39 NoX: *looks at wallet*
00:39 NoX: Think I'll sit on my hand for a bit *looks around bored while sitting on hand*
00:39 H4LHitout: _o-
00:41 NoX: Funny how Stan entered the chat, then probably looked a few minutes back and decided he wasn't going to bother tonight xD

Neponyal obebana
01:29 xelen: NoX i know one of that girls aand when they passed by Grisha on the phone listening to hardcore on the street, and inconspicuous, and went forward a little as though she knew sent me - she was so fucking neponyal obebana that I chose to stay with him while her friend .. hmmm

Concluding lessons by Hessel
x23:06 Stan: I think if you need his attention you just have to write the following line: "atom warez porn abuse banhammer"
x23:07 Stan: Oh and "bbq" ofcourse.
x23:08 H4LHitout: lemme try diz: FREE STEAK!
x23:09 H4LHitout: k he dead

How moderators really work
x21:37 Predaking: *puts a coin in Carla*
x21:38 Predaking: approve my lyric

Truthful names
x16:14 DaStalker: mean Pain

Don't mess with Pain
22:06 BloodyTwin: IF someone starts yelling at me and calls me sally, there will be a problem.
22:06 Pain: bt is now named Sally
22:06 Stan: DO IT
22:07 SallyTwin: LOL

Just another NoX quote
23:39 Stan: I'm so glad I totally feel like I'm perfectly prepared for the exam
23:39 Stan coughs
23:39 NoX: You better not fuck up
23:39 H4LHitout: _o-
23:39 NoX: Or shit will hit the proverbial fan.
23:39 H4LHitout: wait nox are you implying the shit itself is not proverbial?
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