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About Niko22 Hey!

My name is Nicolai, I am 28 years old and live in Oslo in Norway.

1 day back in 2005 a CS/KZ movie named "Potatismos" was released, and one of the songs in that movie really captivated me! I noticed the name of the song in the outro and it said "DJ Hixxy - Bonkers X" So I searched for it on limewire and I eventually discovered that Bonkers X was in fact an album series and not a song at all as I had first assumed. So I started searching for other tracks within that genre and when hearing some of those songs my feelings felt like they came alive in a totally new way! I was enjoying the show that my body was giving me, it was amazing! I don't think anything else had moved me in such a way before. Guess you can call it euphoria! I got completely hooked and I have actually been hooked ever since.

Happy Hardcore / UK Hardcore / Freeform is definitely my music of choice!

I also listen to other genres like: Eurodance, Trance, Hardstyle, Dubstep(not that much), Punk, Rock, Metal, RnB, Rap(sometimes) and probably a few more..