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HardstyleLJ gave me this ! : )

and no my name is actually:
Cherry Stripper
Chermy Chaplin

yes LJ i do love me oh noes

Into hardstyle mainly , graphic designing , candles , skateboarding , dancing , and the night time .

Atom , Pain , LJ, Ed , and Roby's take on me being small (i call it funsized) and 16:
take 1:
18:17 atomicoz: yep, grill parties with asian women
18:17 atomicoz: pool parties with hard music
18:18 Pain: And then we will put at the fence: Only 18+ allowed.

take 2:
18:19 Pain: You can't fool the grill.
18:20 atomicoz: we know how you look, a short asian woman!.. oh, wait, that covers most of them
18:21 atomicoz: maybe you should grow taller chermayne
18:21 atomicoz: i don't see the problem.
18:21 atomicoz: that's what i did
18:22 Pain: Atom's awesome advice.
18:22 Pain: All answers lie within the grill!

take 3:
13:53 Pain: Gonna ask atom to put a sign on ze site 'You must be at least THIS tall'
13:54 Pain: sign reads: 'If you're taller than an Asian woman, please come on in'

take 4:
13:15 atomicoz: math question: how many cheeseburgers do you need to staple on top of eachother to get it as high as chermayne?

take 5:
19:56 Pain: Type in 'Short Asian Woman' in the search
19:56 Pain: That should do it

take 6:
19:58 HardstyleLJ: HEY! stand up when i'm talking to you! oh, you are already standing

take 7:
19:04 MusicWeTrust: i love walking barefoot
19:05 Roby31: doesn't that contribute to your looking short?

take 8:
16:59 MusicWeTrust: haha i'm tryin to think of a good comeback but i got none
17:00 eddie_hardstyle: took you 5 minutes
17:00 eddie_hardstyle: your a little short of comebacks too

Some other funny shit:
20:55 MusicWeTrust: pain would be your number 1 fan
20:56 atomicoz: haha
20:56 atomicoz: every anime fan would like me
20:56 Pain: I already like you atom <3
20:57 atomicoz: oh you *blush*

20:55 Pain: Admins are such assholes

Power of the Ninja admin
20:13 MusicWeTrust: Hello, I am the Cherry Stripper!