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<3 HC4L Baby!! <3

:worship: HAIL ENZYME RECORDS! (& Tainted Audio too) :worship:

Some Lines from the Chat:
VTraxx the old Grandma
16:47 VTraxx: Sometimes i'm an old grandmother,, thats complaining about everything
16:48 VTraxx: back in the days when vinyl was there... We got proper releases

True Dat
21:57 Salva: if we're counting the tracks we have bought, then i'm sorry, i dont listen to music

21:29 Flori1123: well well
21:30 Flori1123: cyaas tomorrow lolozZ :wave:
21:30 Annue: Cya :wave:
21:30 DaHunger: xD :wave:
21:30 Flori1123: haha xD

Awesome HESSEL <3 <3 <3
21:06 H4LHitout: FLORIII

13:41 H4LHitout: just cuz im so hot that even guys are attracted to me doesnt mean im a girl dastalker

22:36 H4LHitout: LIEBE DICH <3

23:21:55 H4LHitout: /raises hand
23:22:37 H4LHitout: /raises hand higher
23:23:33 kickAD: watchu want nigga
23:23:36 Flori1123: say it hessel
23:23:40 H4LHitout: oh yeah
23:23:48 H4LHitout: does ur rock have a hole in the wall too?
23:23:50 H4LHitout: /runs
23:23:58 NoX: should've waited a little longer for his arm to get tired.
23:24:01 Flori1123: xD
23:24:08 kickAD: nah its your room that has all the glory holes
23:24:13 H4LHitout: my right arm can take a while to get tired
23:24:14 kickAD: you dirty little slut
23:24:16 NoX: OH SNAP
23:24:19 NoX: HOLY SHIT
23:24:20 DaHunger: xD
23:24:24 Flori1123: _o-
23:24:26 NoX: Epic burn of the century
23:24:27 Shyro: LMAO xD

2013-06-28 23:23:10 H4LHitout: i dont needa poop i wanna ask carla sth about her rock
2013-06-28 23:22:49 NoX: Yes, you can go poop if you like
my besty Nokia <3 http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_6267-2013.php
13:35 Flori1123: haha, in school everybody is laughing at me, cause they have all smartphones n shit, but then i throw my nokia at them
13:35 H4LHitout: HA
13:35 Titan: xD
13:35 DaHunger: haha xD
13:36 H4LHitout: didnt ya kill anybody yet?

Drunk Preda. :D
19:50 Predaking: i must fucking puke haha
19:51 Predaking: so i feel better
19:51 Flori1123: why? was the shower with Gun not good?
19:52 Predaking: hahahaha
19:52 Predaking: no cuz i have a hangover since last night and i feel better when i puke it out
19:52 Predaking: brb
19:56 Predaking: didnt work

Interview with NoX xD
22:04 NoX: Had about 3 weeks left before classes started, so decided to just give it a swing
22:04 Imil: lolol
22:04 Imil: Was it a good choice?
22:04 Stan: And do you like it?
22:05 NoX: I think so. I'm not very good (or interested) in private law, but I'm pretty good at most other classes. And criminal law just rocks
22:05 Pain: How do you feel yourself now?
22:05 NoX: Loads of reading, sure. But a lot of it is understanding, rather than knowing.
22:06 NoX: I'm fine dr. pain. Do I get charged for this?
22:06 NoX: Yes sir mr police man.

Titans incomplete life
12:22 Titan: so, i guess lolochat is gonna shut down without having my own quote in core's profile... life = incomplete


00:08:07 atomicoz: ze madness
00:08:15 Stan: All hail ze atom :worship:
00:08:22 Salva: :worship:
00:08:31 Scruptic: :worship:
00:09:48 Flori1123: :worship:

Randoms shizzle

08:40 kickAD: im hungry
08:40 Flori1123: eat sth.
08:41 kickAD eats HNI
08:41 HNI dead
08:41 kickAD: derlifous

2013-06-23 20:38:54 Shyro: anyone tuned in to DQ1
2013-06-23 20:39:17 DaHunger: nope
2013-06-23 20:39:17 Rez: no
2013-06-23 20:39:17 Flori1123: nope

15:12 atomicoz: something below 10% using ie on lolo if i remember correct, way different than it was when i started haha
15:13 T3rm1n4t0r raises hand.
15:13 Flori1123: ewwww IE
15:14 Imil runs around with a chainsaw above his head cutting off any arms in the air
15:14 atomicoz: so violently
15:14 T3rm1n4t0r: Mean Imil -.-
15:14 Imil: Yes yes-)))

Pain in the Ass
14:39 T3rm1n4t0r: Two last lessons were like a pain in my ass... Simply, I'm veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery tired =D
14:39 Flori1123: what? what has pain to do in your ass?
14:39 DaHunger: pain in your ass ...
14:40 T3rm1n4t0r: Not Mr.Pain.
14:40 DaHunger: Dr. Pain?
14:42 T3rm1n4t0r: ... -.-
14:42 T3rm1n4t0r: Not Dr. Pain.
14:43 T3rm1n4t0r: ...
14:42 T3rm1n4t0r: Simply fucking day was fucking hard. =D
14:42 Flori1123: Fucking with day is hard?
14:43 T3rm1n4t0r: ...
14:44 T3rm1n4t0r: PAIN
14:44 DaHunger: haha flori
14:44 Flori1123: Hai pain, what did you do in Termi's ass?
14:44 DaHunger: oh this pain was it?
14:44 T3rm1n4t0r: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......................
14:44 DaHunger: xD

even moar PAIN
23:53:46 DaHunger: for salva
23:53:57 DaHunger: hope it works
23:54:07 Salva: <4
23:54:11 Flori1123: ehat happens when i click on it?
23:54:34 Salva: you dies
23:54:29 Shyro: iz a trap
23:54:39 Shyro: it gonna eat u
23:54:44 Flori1123: :O
23:54:54 Shyro: you dies in painz
23:55:20 Flori1123: what has i to do IN pain? :o
23:55:21 Flori1123: dont let carla see that

00:00:01 > Behold! It's a new day in Loloville (09 Sep 2012)
00:00:16 Qz: :salute:
00:00:30 gearhead409: :salute:
00:00:35 Flori1123: :salute:
00:00:42 T3rm1n4t0r: :salute:
00:00:47 Rez: :salute:
00:00:49 DaHunger: :alien:
00:01:48 Stan: :salute:
00:03:19 Qz: nice 5 combo at midnight

19:04 T3rm1n4t0r falls asleep...
19:05 aslak1 pokes Termi with a stick on fire
19:05 DaHunger throws a bucket

00:01 Flori1123: :o a Qz
00:02 Qz: Yes Flori, I seem to be alive!
00:02 H4LHitout pokes Qz with a stick
00:02 H4LHitout: I concur

A request by Hunger:
21:42 DaHunger: flori should add this xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxKYnlHYnyU

Hungerman's Bucket throws:

18:50 DaHunger throws a bucket at shyro's feet

00:40:07 DaHunger throws a bucket
19:05 DaHunger throws a bucket

10:24 DaHunger: a wild flori appears
10:24 DaHunger throws a bucket

23:08 Flori1123: hello lolo
23:08 DaHunger throws a bucket at flori

23:22 Shyro CAN HAS BUCKET!!!
23:22: amazons3_bucket.jpg

Hunger, Hessel and the Buckets

15:29 H4LHitout throws a bucket through the chat
15:29 H4LHitout: :D
15:31 DaHunger takes all buckets from hessel
15:31 H4LHitout: Oh crap
15:31 H4LHitout runs
15:31 DaHunger: these are mine!!!
15:31 H4LHitout: Meh :G

16:08 Titanium: don't kick me little boss
16:09 DaHunger kicks tita
16:10 Flori1123: why dont you throw a...
16:10 Flori1123: uhmm nevermind.. xD
16:10 Titanium: a baguette u mean ? xD
16:11 Flori1123: no no no
16:11 Flori1123: ask Hunger
16:11 DaHunger throws a bucket at flori
16:11 DaHunger: :evilsombrero:
16:11 Flori1123: why me? :G
16:11 DaHunger: because you asked :P
16:13 DaHunger throws another bucket at flori because he can

22:07:55 H4LHitout steals a bucket from hunger
22:08:00 H4LHitout throws bucket at Stan
22:08:02 H4LHitout: :D
22:08:07 H4LHitout: hope you aren't hurt
22:08:27 DaHunger takes back the bucket and throws it at stan
22:08:33 DaHunger: that's how you do it
22:08:41 Stan: Goddamnit guys >_<
22:08:44 H4LHitout: like this?
22:08:51 H4LHitout picks up the bucket and throws it at Stan
22:09:00 DaHunger: yea
22:09:00 Stan: STAHP.
22:09:14 Stan: ffs :fist:
Mr. Don, living it all from the Heart to da Core <3' | Not really Russian nor Dutch |♥HC4L♥ | ♫HCTiD♫ | Hardstyle is my style | HardcoreUnited