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About Emperor Well, where to start..
Music, yes!
Hardstyle i prefer, i listen it anytime, everywhere between every break my teachers, parents, family gives me. I got my ipod loaded and stuffed with hardstyle music (thats why i got 2 ipod touches..)
My full name is Elian Nibbeling and i'm from Holland
Ive been born at 21st of January in 1994(so im 18 now), in Doetinchem - The Netherlands; Slingerland Hospital. (Doetinchem is 25Kms away from Arnhem, near the German Border.)
I have Orange hair (ginger), blue eyes and i am 5.83ft tall (1.78m)
My Hobbies are: Listening to Music(Hardstyle, Hardcore, Trance), Playing games (such as; Oblivion, Modern Warfare, Company of Heroes, Command & Conquer, ....)
I also work out in the Gym, I hang out with friends, watch movies and sum more.
Gamenames: Emperor2101, ScorpyEmp21, SuperDutcher21
Profilenames(youtube etc.): ScorpyEmp21, Emperor2101, Nibby21
MSN & Email: [email protected]
Hyves: www.nix-nibb.hyves.nl

When i finish school i want to join the Royal Dutch Army as a Soldier. First i want to get some experience and hopefully(with my schoolgrade) learn for Class Sergeant 1(Ill make the Netherlands unsafe, i say). I like to be there for my country and i want to help people who risk their lives for something they havent asked for(such as the Taliban). I like to fight for those who need our help most; anywhere on this planet. I would even offer my life to safe 1000'nds if possible (such as, catching a bullet). I hope i won't but those dangers exist.

Anything more to tell....
I dont know..
If you want to know anything? just ask me, im pretty open.
See you later guys, and keep up the good work!


Humor xd;
HardstyleEmp: these high-performance forms of humor dont come common in this world.
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Obey Atom;
Pain: Is atom around?
HardstyleEmp: Pray to him, obey the bbq.
Pain: Dear Grill, Thank you for giving me the privilege to be able to cdiabolical still knowing that I am a son of BBQ In the name of the Steak, I rely on you, I know that you will purify my soul.
atomicoz: i just mounted my steak and flew all the way to the chat
atomicoz: better be important!!

Bouncing Things..

Good Soldier
HardstyleEmp: and im serious. i want to help make this world better. i wanna be a fine soldier, no crimes, no sick ass actions..
HardstyleEmp: but im not scared to kill though, its me or him.. and thats an easy choice.
H4LHitout: ginger or other guy
H4LHitout: easy indeed
H4LHitout runs

2 Horny
H4LHitout: my primairy gun is between my legs, and it has taken many potential lives so far

Yes, sir, I am
HardstyleEmp: cupcake
H4LHitout: cupsize?
HardstyleEmp: well the girl im hanging with atm haz cup E.
HardstyleEmp: and shes just 1.61m tall.
H4LHitout: now that is nice

Put some pressure on da gameboy!
Core: Lol, I bring my gameboy with my to the toilet nowadays
People ask me;
'Why you do this man, why? Are you some kinda War Junky?',
I dont answer, they dont understand why we do it..