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About E-Razer Having made his first steps in mixing in 2005, E-Razer falls in the pot of Hardstyle, the following year. He develops at once a certain technique, which is his own. In 2008, he takes commands of the webradio "Club in One" and creates "The Hard Pill", his weekly broadcast which allowed him to build up community of regular listeners, which is still increasing. At the same time, he takes part in numerous events through France, such as the evening "Club-Musix Tour on 2010" at the Woodland (Lyon), the "Hardstyle Event" at "SPIRIT Club", or still the "Armabass Night".

In 2010, he starts producing, helped by DJ Nighthunter and so comes out "Techno Paradise", his first title with such a particular atmosphere, which meets a frank success when first played at the Techno Parade 2010. At the beginning of 2011, he takes part, with his accomplice DJ Nighthunter, in the evening "Azylium", together with renowned Hardcore DJ's, such as Endymion.

E-Razer is now in commands of his NEW broadcast show "Hardstyle Injury" on the Swedish webradio of reference " Hardstyle.nu" and Working Hard the production of new promising titles.