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About Billaght My name is William, im 21 and im from Dublin, Ireland.
I have been listening to Dance music since i was about six. From thre i became addicted to it. i then moved onto Trance when i was 10 and this was all the 90s Trance. When i finished primary school and progressed to secondary i discovered UK Hardcore and i absolutley loved it. I first discovered Gabber when i was messing through youtube and came across a youtube channel dedicated to uploading Gabber. So for the bast 7 years i have been listening to Gabber.

Fun fact about my username.
1. The Billa part was derived from a supermarket chain in Romania
2. When i was in Italy i got sick on a boat.
3. The existing ght at the end was added on after i tried to convince that my name was Irish and that it was a popular name in my hometown Tallaght to some Brazilian women.